What is in YOUR CUP?

What is in YOUR CUP? Compare gourmet coffee to other options

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The cup of coffee starts with the beans. In order to get the best cup the beans have to be the best, of course.

But even the best beans can be easily ruined.

The way the world production works is that everything is made in bulk to achieve the best price.

But what if we also want the best quality?

For coffee, the best beans don't need to be the most expansive ones.

The FRESHNESS is the key here.

The coffee is a seed. It's green originally. In this green state the beans can stay fresh for considerable time without deteriorating. This is because no processing is done with them yet, and the nature has its way of preserving the bean until it can be planted.

You cannot make a drink with green beans though. You have to prepare them in order to extract the flavor into your cup. This process is called "roasting".

The beans are heated with special oil slowly (or faster) in order to break down natural guards that hold flavor inside of them.

Now, roasted beans can be used to make a drink. But you have to hurry up.

Because of roasting, the beans are ready to release their flavor and aroma into your cup, however, the same flavor and aroma won't wait for you there forever. After roasting, beans interacting with the air, and vapors in the air, slowly loosing the flavor.

In order to take the flavor out of the beans into the water, we break down the beans into smallest pieces, the process called "grounding". It's required step before the coffee can be brewed.

As you would expect, as soon as the coffee grounded, it interact with the air even more, and the process of loosing its flavor goes faster.

This is why, ideally, you have to ground your coffee beans right before you make your cup.

Unfortunately, most of the places where you can buy the coffee beans, will offer coffee that was roasted months and weeks ago. Most of the coffees, sold in the country, are grounded in bulk long before they reach your cup.

That is the reason why we wanted to change this once and forever.

ALVARI won't ever compromise on quality and freshness. We only roast as many beans as YOU need now, at the same day when we ship them to you.

If you want us to ground the coffee too, we do it. You always can be sure that it's done right after the coffee was roasted and right before it's shipped to you.

We understand that most of the people won't be able to finish a one pound bag of the coffee in a week. The idea that the customer may be force into holding good coffee for months at home, just because they cannot drink it all from one pound bag, makes us said. We worked hard to deliver the freshest possible beans to you just to let them loose all that flavor on the shelf? NO!

You must and will have a choice to buy only what you need. Our small bags of 2.5oz let you enjoy the best possible flavor for as long as it can be preserved.

Have you ever think about having 6 different kinds of coffee at the same time? Now you can. Compare sweet Brazil Cerrado with earthy Flores Komodo without risking to buy a year of use coffee. Explore new flavors every day.

We bet that every day of your life is different. Let your cup be different too.

Enjoy your cup.

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