Coffee Beans of Light & Cinnamon Roast Stages

Light roast coffee is one of the most caffeine-rich and energy-charged beverages you may prepare or drink. It is not always highly praised by the un-prepared coffee-lover but if you tried it and you liked it, be confident, it becomes your favorite roast type for many years. Coffee connoisseurs describe freshly prepared coffee using beans of light roast as unbalanced, floral and citrus.

Coffee experts distinguish two roast types in this category: Cinnamon roast (196 °C (385 °F)) and Light roast (205 °C (401 °F)). Cinnamon roast is the roast type following coffee beans’ drying. It goes to just before the first crack phase with the beans’ sweetness well under developed. The Light roast itself delivers moderately light brown beans while the taste of the coffee brewed with this type of coffee beans roast is grainy. The roast type when coffee beans are roasted to the first crack is known as New England Roast, very popular and frequent in the North-Eastern states of the USA.

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