About us

Full Cup Flavor is a coffee company focusing on Specialty Coffees of our ALVARI brand. We also focus on giving back to coffee's origin farmers by offering Direct Trade, Fair Trade, Rainforest Alliance & Organic coffees as well as put an extra emphasis on sourcing from women coffee farmers.

All of our coffees are roasted to order and are guaranteed fresh. We continually ensuring that every container of coffee purchased by us is fairly sourced, properly processed and guaranteed fresh.

Unlike many of our competitors who may sell coffee from a garage, our coffee is shipped from a 7,000+ square foot roasting facility that is a fully approved food licensed facility. Every one of this roasting facility employees are required to take food safety handling tests to ensure safe and proper handling of your coffees. What this means is that hats or hairnets are required, no direct contact with the beans are allowed, and all sanitary standards exceed the Department of Health requirements. Additionally, the scales are tested by the State on a regular basis to ensure accurate weights & measures. 

We thank you for supporting our Direct Trade Coffees and guarantee you will enjoy our coffees or your money back!

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