About the Company

ALVARI coffee

If you're wondering why you haven't heard of them yet, don't fret. The idea for Full Cup Flavor hatched in December, 2015 and once all of the products were sourced, Full Cup Flavor officially opened for online business.

Full Cup Flavor's founders - Michael Siauko and Mario Alvarez - are old friends and knew each other for quite a while before starting the business together. Both held successful positions that led to the experience needed for successful entrepreneurship. Michael was responsible for the technical side of Clayton Kendall inc. online business while Mario mastered his barista skills for years. The idea of starting an online business came up once they brewed and drank another set of specialty coffees at home. You know, the ones not found in the coffee aisle at Kroger. "When you get the chance to try a really awesome coffee for the first time, it’s pretty hard to go back to whatever coffee you were drinking before," Michael says.

When asked "why start a coffee roasting company," Mario explains "There's something fun and unique about being part of an industry that prides itself on quality and education. We also really appreciate the educational opportunity that specialty coffee provides; teaching people how to do a pour-over or use an aeropress is awesome, but having the chance to open someone’s eyes to a whole new coffee experience is really exciting and rewarding."

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