ALVARI India Monsooned Malabar Coffee from South-Central Asia - India

ALVARI India Monsooned Malabar Coffee from South-Central Asia - India

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The India Malabar is known for having a big and rich full body with spicy notes, low bitterness, and equalized well. The cup will offer smooth richness and will most definitely please your palate.
Indian coffee has come very far along, especially in the last few years, in quality and quantity. In the 90's the coffee industry in India made a big change. Where it was once "pooled" coffee, in which various coffees were blended and sold, it is no longer that way. When this changed, each specialty coffee was then showcased and identified in the international market. The high quality coffees are grown in Malabar in Kerala state. The reason this coffee has peaked much interest in the specialty coffee lovers, is the process known as "monsooning". Back in time, when it would take several months for the Indian coffee to arrive to Europe on the ships, those beans were exposed to lots of moisture and humidity which changed the original characteristic of the bean. It has turned the beans from a traditional green bean to various different shades of yellow. The flavor was also affected by this transition. However, this is how the consumers became accustomed and the makers found that many of their customers wanted the same beans. In order to reproduce the same characteristics of this bean, a process known as "monsooning" has been introduced to some Indian Coffees. This process occurs in May and June in Southwest India where the beans are spread to a depth of 5-8 inches in special buildings. These special buildings are open sided and the beans are left exposed. The beans get racked over frequently to ensure all beans are exposed to the elements of this high humidity. Once they have been out for 5 days, the beans are then loosely packed in bags and those bags get stacked, they are then exposed so the beans go through the monsoon winds and the wind can bow around and over the sacks. These special beans are repacked and restacked weekly for at least 7 weeks. After the 7 weeks, they are hand picked to ensure the color and flavor characteristics have changed and the unaffected coffee beans are removed. This specialty coffee is then ready for roasting!

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