ALVARI Indonesia Decaf Sumatra Coffee from South-East Asia - Indonesia

ALVARI Indonesia Decaf Sumatra Coffee from South-East Asia - Indonesia

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This Arabica Sumatra Decaf, features more crema and body, adding slight smokiness, rich hints of dark chocolate, earthy and nutty flavors with a hint of herbal notes.
Indonesia was introduced to coffee by the Dutch in the mid-seventeenth century. It is home to the first commercial coffee plantations in the world. The first coffee production sold was in 1712 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Coffee production spread well during these early days; however, in 1877, the coffee plantations were wiped out by a coffee root illness forcing the country to replant new coffee trees. Most new coffee plants came from Africa and were predominantly Robusta Beans, because these were more root illness resistant. Today Indonesia is still a major maker of Robusta Beans. However 10 to 15% of the Coffees produced in Indonesia are Arabica beans. The best growing regions for the Arabica varieties are on the islands of Sumatra, Sulawesi, Java, Flores, and Bali. Indonesian Arabica beans are normally vivid, complicated flavored, with a syrupy quality and often a equalized bitterness.

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