ALVARI Peru SHB Coffee from South America - Peru

ALVARI Peru SHB Coffee from South America - Peru

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This Peruvian Arabica offers a medium body, with high acidity, a dry fragrance with an excellent balance.
Peru currently is one of the biggest makers of certified organic coffees of any origin. This particular country has the opportunity to grow one of world’s most excellent coffees. As much as 98% of all Peruvian coffees are grown in forested areas by small farmers and growth in sales continues quickly in this country. The best Peruvian coffees come from the Chanchamayo, Cuzco, Norte and Puno regions. This Arabica Peruvian coffee is a true gem of Peru's finest coffees. Most of the coffees from Peru are not optimally processed, but we select only the finest Peruvian coffees that have been properly processed.

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