ALVARI Honduras Beneficias Coffee from Central America - Honduras

ALVARI Honduras Beneficias Coffee from Central America - Honduras

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This delightful Honduras Arabica offers a mild intensity, honey and nutty tones, lemon brightness, jasmine tea hint, slightly chocolate cup. It has medium-high bitterness, beautifully equalized with a medium body.
Even though Honduras has had many hard times both politically and with weather phenomena, it is still the second largest coffee maker in Central America. Hurricane Mitch left extensive destruction, destroying the infrastructure of Honduras with immens coffee crop loss. The misfortune did however allow the coffee farmers to reinvent their coffee crops, offering higher grade specialty coffees and utilizing organic and fair trade premiums. Because of such a misfortune, the Honduran coffee market now shines amongst the best in the industry. This coffee is among the best quality Honduras coffee you can get. Coffee beans raised at high altitudes are considered to be of higher quality as it increases the bitterness while high altitude nights often bring cool breezes and air masses that slows down the maturity of the coffee plant allowing the beans to develop to a more mature flavor. This coffee was grown at a minimum of 1,500-2,000 meters.

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