ALVARI Guatemala Decaf Coffee from Central America - Guatemala

ALVARI Guatemala Decaf Coffee from Central America - Guatemala

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This Great Arabica Guatemala coffee features traditional Guatemalan flavor with chocolate hints. The flavor is full, spicy and complete. A fruity, perfect acidic level, complicatedity and body that can't be found in another cup. Definitely a recommended quality.
With Guatemala being the worlds 8th largest coffee maker, the largest Central American maker, and a major supplier to the USA, it is predictably why Guatemala is one of the world’s top coffee origins. Coffee trees were brought to the country by Jesuit priests in 1750. German settlers developed the industry in the late 19th century. Most production is located in the south where volcanic slopes are the perfect place to grow the high-quality Arabica Beans. Coffee grown at high altitudes are known as being the best because it increases the bitterness of the bean, and because of the high altitude, the nights are often cooler which slows down the maturity of the coffee plant allowing the beans to develop to a more complicated flavor.

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