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7 Easy Morning Tips

Internet is full of advices and guidelines devoted to easy morning wakeups, ranging from really useful and easy to remember to absolutely unacceptable. We carried out our small research on the topic and are sharing the results with you. Rule number of for an easy and comfortable morning wake up is going to bed early. It is important that the habit is in the place every working day or at least you should make it your priority. Once you are in the bed it is critical that you are in the sleeping mood. If a glass of milk, yoga, white...

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The Right Kind of Milk for Your Coffee

Many coffee drinkers are absolutely confident that milk can enrich the taste of the coffee as much as no other ingredient. And while there are many coffee purists among the people we know, many are up to an occasional experiment in their coffee routine. And what could be easier than adding some milk, something always at hand that adds a unique yet so familiar taste. Milk makes up half of the cappuccino or latter cup and works as a canvas for the froth art. Are all milk types ok for coffee? Does the milk require warming up? Would goat milk...

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Strength of coffee

Today we investigated what strength of coffee depends on. Everybody knows that stronger coffee has more caffeine. However, this "more" part can have different meaning. For instance, we can compare normal "drip" coffee and the famous "espresso" type. In one cup of "drip" coffee we may find 95 to 200 mg of caffeine. While in the cup of "espresso" there is usually 47-75 mg. So you can see, "drip" coffee actually has MORE caffeine in a cup than "ESPRESSO". Don't be fooled though. The "espresso" coffee actually has MORE caffeine per ounce, normally 61 mg. While the "drip" coffee has only 18 mg...

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