The Right Kind of Milk for Your Coffee

The Right Kind of Milk for Your Coffee

Many coffee drinkers are absolutely confident that milk can enrich the taste of the coffee as much as no other ingredient. And while there are many coffee purists among the people we know, many are up to an occasional experiment in their coffee routine. And what could be easier than adding some milk, something always at hand that adds a unique yet so familiar taste. Milk makes up half of the cappuccino or latter cup and works as a canvas for the froth art. Are all milk types ok for coffee? Does the milk require warming up? Would goat milk be healthier? Let’s find the answer for these and other question together.

Milk has a strong impact on the texture of the coffee whereas full-fat (whole) milk delivers creamy, solid and often sweet texture. A beverage like this is even able to replace a dessert, but it kills the fruity taste of the coffee itself and decreases its acidity. Another ingredient that has an effect on the coffee topping is the milk’s protein level. Protein is responsible for delivering those tiny bubbles upon heating up that end up in the milk foam on the top of the coffee cup. Milked coffee drinks are mostly based on the medium roast coffee. Opposite to the whole milk, skim milk contains no fat at all. Many describe the taste of such coffee drinks as “thinner” in taste as well. The milk foam is less fluffy, but sweeter. Perfect for people counting calories, as these are minimum in the skimmed milk coffee. Be it whole or skim milk, it is important that you choose truly fresh milk product (and many milks are toned, undergoing double conversion to and away from the powder state) for superior flavor of your coffee cup.

If you would like to surprise your guests, friends, relatives and do some experiment work in the kitchen there is absolutely no danger in trying out milks of other mammals. You will be amazed at discovering just how far the taste difference may go! While you know by your experience the rich taste of the cow milk coffee, let us describe the reflections of those who tried goat’s milk drinks. These would typically be described as tangy with a grassy and even salty taste, opposite to the sweet taste of the cow’s milk. Goat’s milk contains more calcium, magnesium, potassium and vitamin C, which definitely makes it worth experimenting with.


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