How to make Caffe Moka at home

How to make Caffe Moka at home

What's the history of the name moka? How is it made?

In 1930s Moka pots were invented in Italy. The coffee was first used in Africa. For many years the place where currently Yemen is located was a center of coffee culture. The city of Mocha, Yemen is what gave a name for this style of brewing coffee. It explains that for many centuries this place was a center of coffee excellence.

Every moka pot consists of a bottom chamber that looks like a cylinder, a filter, a top chamber (collector) with the second filter, that is kept by a rubber gasket. This seal and the filter should be changed from time to time.

In Italy, ordering a Caffe Moka is quite different from, let's say, calling for a Mocha coffee in US. Even though they sound alike, there is huge difference in taste. You won't find around any chocolate syrup.

Small moka pots are lined up on many Italian stovetops, easy to use and producing a full-bodied coffee, rich in aroma. Some have an hourglass shape, but you can find moka pots in a variety of styles. They all are based on the same principle. The water is heated up in the lower chamber. Vapor pressure pushes the water up through ground coffee in a filter. The pressure builds up, approaching two atmospheres. Which collects in the upper chamber as liquid coffee.

It’s really that simple, however it does take some practice, a careful eye and the right grind, never too fine. Always use a low flame, and be sure not to overheat to coffee.

For those of you who prefer to see it with your eyes, here is a great video explanation of how to make coffee in moka pot at home:

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