Egg, a Carrot and Coffee

Egg, a Carrot and Coffee

Just this weekend I heard a story from our local Pastor about an Egg, a Carrot and Coffee. Since I heard it for the first time I thought it would be a good idea to share it with the readers who haven't come across it either. So the parable goes like this…

A young lady came to her father's place seeking for a piece of advice and her parent's company comfort. She complained to her father about how hard her life was and how desperate and pointless all her struggle attempts seemed to be. Her father listened carefully without saying a word then took his daughter by the hand and let her follow him into the kitchen room.

In the kitchen the old man put three pots over the fire and boiled one carrot, an egg and some coffee in each of them correspondingly. In a few minutes he asked his daughter: "Now, tell me what changed about the three of them."

"The egg and the carrot are now cooked while the coffee got brewed" she replied.   

"This is just what you see with your eyes but the essence is far beyond. Take the carrot and tell me if it is as hard as it was before?" The lady took the carrot and immediately felt it was soft and no harder. "Now, take the egg and pull off its shell." The girl peeled the egg and wondered what her father meant to explain to her… "Now, try the coffee. Does it feel different from pure boiled water?" The daughter sipped rich in taste coffee and smiled at her father's question. "I still don't get the point" she finally said.

Her father went on explaining that the boiling water, just like all the hardships and challenges of our life, may completely change things from being hard to becoming soft, like the carrot; from being fragile into turning hard just like the egg. "What about the coffee?" the lady asked. "Some people who find themselves in unfriendly environment or community manage to change it for the better. Just like coffee turns no taste and no color water into a rich flavor drink". As the amazed girl kept on listening her father shot his final question: "Now, dear, ask yourself – who you want to be at the tough hour? The carrot, the egg or the coffee?!"


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