7 Easy Morning Tips

7 Easy Morning Tips

Internet is full of advices and guidelines devoted to easy morning wakeups, ranging from really useful and easy to remember to absolutely unacceptable. We carried out our small research on the topic and are sharing the results with you.

  1. Rule number of for an easy and comfortable morning wake up is going to bed early. It is important that the habit is in the place every working day or at least you should make it your priority. Once you are in the bed it is critical that you are in the sleeping mood. If a glass of milk, yoga, white noise or shower can make you feel relaxed – never miss a chance to go for it. Forget about this tip for Friday and Saturday nights though. Exception #2 – do not stay in the bed if you are wide-awake. Do whatever you wish for the next 30 minutes and try again.
  2. Get prepared for the sleep hours wisely. Do not drink or eat anything that contains caffeine like coffee, green tea, energy drinks. Some people advice avoiding drinking soda drinks as well. Overeating works for a good sleep very rarely either. It is very important, that your bed is organized comfortably allowing you to switch off faster. Try not to associate your bed with anything but a sound sleep. No TV watching lying on the bed – better take a sit in the armchair.
  3. Get prepared for the wake up routine wisely. Least you want in the morning is to be chasing for your socks, ironing needs or a decent breakfast. Think just a bit ahead and prepare everything beforehand. Once you do that for a week or two it will turn into one of the best habits in your life. That will allow you to avoid irritations, stay in good mood, never worry about being late for work and even save 5 – 10 minutes to drop into your favourite café on the way to work.
  4. Do not count the sleeping hours. Everybody is different and a 6 hours sleep may be as good as 9 hours provided you feel fresh and active. Change your wake up hour to find out what works best for you. You would typically need to do it only once per lifetime. May be twice.
  5. Remember about the light hygiene. Let’s call it this way. Too much light including the morning sun light you aren’t seen in the evening and cars’ headlights may cause a less cozy sleep. Make sure devices like computer screens and TV sets are powered down and are unable to get on with a good-for-nothing spam e-mail notification.
  6. There is one idea I can’t but mention – do schedule smth really exciting in the first half of the day. The idea itself may be a good incentive to wake up easier and faster.
  7. While your stomach may still be asleep as you are already up in the morning – do not overload it with a heavy breakfast. Whatever your breakfast preferences are, it is always good to include some vegetables and a cup of coffee – a natural body’s awakening drink. Order specialty coffee online from Full Cup Flavor to make your every morning somewhat special.


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